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Business Chinese, German, Russian

I speak different languages and can teach you how to learn languages faster and more efficiently.

In my language courses I accentuate MNEMONICS approach, that helps to memorize better.

Mnemonics is a method of accelerating memorization (foreign language, numbers, other data). This is especially useful for memorizing new words in foreign languages. You can learn up to 100 new words per week (about 1000 in 3 months), which is very helpful if you need to improve your language fast or prepare for exam.

Use of mnemonics allows to speed up learning language significantly. Intermediate level of a foreign language includes the use of 5000 words.

Using mnemonics can help you to learn a foreign language from scratch to intermediate level within one-two years!

The whole Business vocab in each language includes about 1000 key words.If you already have intermediate or advanced level of language, 3 months will be sufficient for learning Business language.

To make Business language course more useful I include in it Fundamentals of Economics, Marketing and Finance.

Content of Business language courses includes:

  • Business negotiations: key techniques and practices;
  • Fundamentals of Marketing;
  • Basic Economic concepts & terms;
  • Business & Entrepreneurship;
  • Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting
  • Key terms of Information & Communication Technologies;

In the learning process I use Business games, quizzes and other funny activities.

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