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Content marketing

Research based content marketing & SMM

Researched based content marketing can be used for Social Media Marketing and traditional Media relations. It might be useful for industries, where customers are interested in unique research, such as investment banking, education, consulting and analytics.

One key feature of our Content marketing approach is that we conduct unique research first.

As our research is unique, business media and websites are interested in publishing it FOR FREE. Although conducting research comes with a cost, it is much lower compared to what leading media companies charge for publishing. Finally, our approach is much more cost-efficient, which in turn leads to buzz marketing. We have extensive experience with research based content marketing and are happy to share statistics of past projects with you.

We specialize in preparing high-quality educational and research articles and videos.

Content-marketing strategy includes the following steps:

1. Work out and select the most appropriate content marketing strategy for your business goals. Content marketing is mostly suitable for complex products and services to be properly marketed. It works for industries such as: Investment banking & wealth management, Information Technologies, Business consulting and Education etc.

2. Conduct Social Media research in order to detect competitors, target customers, forums and groups, as well as influencers. This might help to select appropriate types of advertising.

3. Prepare and promote research & educational articles & videos for your company. Depending on your goals we work with both Social Media and leading Media websites (such as business magazines, news agencies, newspapers).

4. Increase the number of the followers and generate leads.

5. Convert prospects into sales. Content marketing is helpful when used along with website SEO promotion, digital advertising and other ways of natural leads generation.

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