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Global Marketing

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Export markets research

This research usually includes:

  • Market size evaluation and prognoses;
  • Market Trends and Demand
  • Number of competitors, business size and market shares;
  • Competitors’ product lines and pricing strategies;
  • Competitors’ advertising and selling strategies;
  • Online presence of competitors (websites, AdWords, SEO, Social media, content marketing) and their online marketing strategies;

Market & competition research usually involves the following research tools:

  • Internet research, including webometrics’ research, Social Media research and websites analysis;
  • Statistical databases and other secondary data sources;
  • Government and private industrial reports review;
  • Individual interviews;

We also conduct additional related types of research:

Marketing & distribution channels research

Depending on your product and market, different promotional & distribution channels can be considered.

  • for some industries, traditional SEO and AdWords are sufficient;
  • for some industries Social Media marketing and content marketing are more relevant;
  • in B2B direct sales and offline intermediaries are very important;
  • in some cases, offline Public Relations and seminars for customers are necessary;
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