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How to learn better & faster

I hereby introduce my learning methods and principles. It is a summary of the most useful innovative learning methods and tools. These methods help to improve learning motivation, achieve better results and learn faster.

All listed methods are used in my other courses.

It also can be considered as a course for parents or teachers, who are interestedin using most modern education tools.

In this course I help you to improve the following aspects of learning:

1. Increase LEARNING MOTIVATION. Obviously, most of the learning results depend on your own or your kids learning motivation.

To identify motivational problems and possible solutions I offer you a range of TESTS in EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY.

These tests help to identify different educational and motivational problems; as well as identify the types of intellect and perception of information.

2. MNEMONICS: strengthen your memory. In this course I teach you how to use mnemonics techniques, that help to memorize vocabulary of foreign languages, numbers, formulas and facts. Mind-mapping is another method that helps to summarize and comprehend the whole textbooks, as well as prepare for exams.

3. INFORMATION PROCESSING: read faster and understand better A number of methods is related to accelerated reading and extraction of valuable information. It includes mind-mapping, designing a structure of the book, identifying key useful information in text.

It helps university / high school students to comprehend textbooks better and faster and prepare for exams. For adults these methods are very useful for reading books and large documents, in order to save time, extract valuable data, see the structure and memorize better.

4. EDUTAINMENT: make education more interesting and funny In this part I teach you how to use funny and useful tools of EDUTAINMENT:

  • use funny EDUCATIONAL APPS;
  • play EDUCATIONAL GAMES ONLINE, instead of other useless online games;
  • play OFFLINE EDUCATIONAL GAMES with your friends and parents (such as board games and team games);
  • watch interesting movies and videos, related to your subject;
  • visit industrial / technical / professional museums and exhibitions;

5. TIME-MANAGEMENT: how to find time for learning

This problem is especially important for adults, because they need to learn along with working and family responsibilities. A number of time-management techniques and life hacks can be used in this case.

Kids and teenagers will be able to use some of these methods as well.

6. Let’s develop together your EDUCATIONAL PLAN and GOALS In this section I help you to identify your education demands and goals. It will be based on TESTS of your professional and educational orientation. Educational plan should be developed along with your professional / career goals, taking into account current and future demand in labor market.

7. For kids and teenagers: plan of MOTIVATION & DISCIPLINE

  • What is KPI, the base of disciplinary plan
  • What will be the reward?
  • Connecting KPI and rewards
  • What punishments make sense and which are not suitable
  • Make learning funnier: educational online games & Apps
  • Basics of Time-management for kids: how to use time more efficiently
Send a message to discuss details if you want teach your kid by yourself: