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Training for B2B

export sales specialists

This course is intended to educate export sales specialists how to use a wide range of digital marketing tools, messengers and Social Media in order to find your customers and boost sales.

1. How to find your customers in Internet

  • who are your “target customers” and how to identify them properly;
  • Social Media;
  • forums, websites, databases
  • online bulletin boards;
  • special user’s software for target customers search;

2. Getting to know your prospects and preparing for negotiations

  • Social media research;
  • Automated text analysis;
  • Competitors research;

3. How to attract new customers: prepare your Unique Selling Proposal

  • how to highlight your competitive advantage
  • principles of content writing and design;
  • how to make it look beautiful;
  • how to engage new customers online;

4. Methods of negotiations

  • Camp method: ask questions properly and find out demands of new customers;
  • SPIN method for B2B sales: find decision-makers on mid-level management in large companies and persuade them;
  • getting to know key decision drivers amongst decision makers
  • handling objections and persuading;
  • overcoming corporate barriers (secretary, refusals, bureaucracy, no response)
  • negotiating by phone (on Skype, Zoom, Ding etc.). Cold and warm calling.
  • collect successful experience of selling methods in your department;

5. Long-term customers’ relationship management

  • CRM software
  • news, emails etc.
  • discounts, promotion and loyalty programs;
  • maintaining relations with key customers / decision takers;

6. Cultural and behavioral specifics of different regions:

  • USA and Canada;
  • European Union;
  • Russia and CIS;
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